RE: China Bans Calling Blockchain “Scam”

China: Calling Blockchain a ‘Scam’ Is Now Banned

The Chinese state is so serious about blockchain that they’re even outright censoring anyone who disagrees with the technology. Twitter account @cnLedger recently reported that articles in China that claim blockchain is a scam are now banned. This is a complete 180 from the state’s previous internet policy — which was hostile to anything cryptocurrency-related.


2/ China’s most popular app, Xuexi Qiangguo (study for becoming powerful nation) now has a recommended course focusing entirely on blockchain, which contains Bitcoin & Ethereum lessons. The app released by CPC to help ppl learn about its political doctrines like Xi’s thoughts.

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3/ Articles saying blockchain technology is a scam are now BANNED. Who still remember the days when posts promoting blockchain getting deleted real fast?

Tron Price Up 25% as China Reportedly ‘Bans’ Anti-Blockchain Sentiment

Hodler Master Asked on October 28, 2019 in Blockchain.
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This is big. I’m really interested to see where this leads us.

Master Answered on October 29, 2019.
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