RE: Cameron Winklevoss : Bitcoin Is Fresh And It Will Pay To Get In Early

It has been discussed here before that this is still early days for Bitcoin and Winklevoss brings that up here – and he is not wrong :

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Fresh and It Will Pay to Get in Early: Crypto Titan Cameron Winklevoss

” In a message to his 167,000 Twitter followers, Winklevoss, owner of the popular US-based crypto exchange Gemini, reminds crypto enthusiasts to focus on the math.

‘ There are less bitcoin (21 million) than there are millionaires in the world today (~36 million). It will pay to be an early bitcoin adopter. ‘

But given Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, along with tales of Lambo-driving millionaires and geeky teens who got in when Bitcoin was trading for just $100 because MIT administrators gave them 1 BTC each, observers on the outside often speculate that all of the upside is over.

Responding to a comment from a skeptical Twitter user who cautions that it may be too late to invest now and that the leading cryptocurrency’s early days might be over, Winklevoss counters,

‘ Nope. Still early days. ‘

Cryptonaut Master Asked on February 7, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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YES! People have been saying this before Bitcoin hit $1000 “Oh, it’s too late, I should’ve bought some at so-and-so price…” Still early days!

Master Answered on February 7, 2020.
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