RE: Bitcoin – The Sleeping Giant Has Awaken

The year is 2019


Bitcoin has more than doubled in the price YTD.

Facebook launches their own coin.

JP Morgan launches their own coin.

Blockchain now being used worldwide in healthcare, real-estate, and insurance.

Businesses everywhere starting to look into accepting payments in cryptocurrency.


It’s happening right before our eyes.

BitcoinJesus Intermediate Asked on May 14, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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People think things have changed , but they haven’t . Years ago emperors and kings ruled the masses who slaved and eeked – out an existence off the scraps while those in power and control sat back and rubbed their palms in glee … Nothing has changed , those in control still lord over the masses and spread ” information ” and control thought through their various resources , the cowed and unknowing masses eat it up and think they really know what is going on and here you have those same people who will laugh and smirk at Bitcoin and crypto as a joke – well , those same people are going to be embracing it once the game is up and will be wishing they had listened to those few who saw the writing on the wall . The world will never be the same .

Master Answered on May 15, 2019.
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