RE: Bitcoin Is Like The Internet In 1988

And just like the internet, everyone will be using it.

Researcher Compares Bitcoin to the Internet in 1988, Says World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Is An ‘Entire Monetary System’

It’s more than a technology. Or a financial instrument or a consumer application. Bitcoin is an entire monetary system, according to Lucas Nuzzi, the director of technology research at New York-based Digital Asset Research.

Nuzzi maps out over 40 “edgy protocols” being built on top of Bitcoin, a dynamic network that he says can challenge anyone trying to flaunt the “Bitcoin is old technology” meme.

In a new blog post entitled, “A Look at Innovation in Bitcoin’s Technology Stack,” Nuzzi explains why the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is still going strong in spite of controversy, detractors and rollercoaster price action: the network is dynamic, and it’s expanding.

At its core, Bitcoin demands “ego-minimization” and a modular approach to innovation, stamping out hubris and politics as it matures into a technologically advanced monetary system.

Fletch Master Asked on December 28, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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I’ve lived and witnessed the rise of the internet, email, cell phones…and am now witnessing the dawn and rise of Bitcoin. We are in a new age and the majority of people are unaware of this. What a time to be alive.

Master Answered on December 28, 2019.
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