RE: Bitcoin Hitting $2.8k Before May Halving “Not Scary” – Tone Vays

And you know, he’s not wrong….I’m actually watching and waiting for the price to go lower to buy some more Bitcoin…it is right @ $5,240….

Bitcoin Price Hitting $2.8K ‘Not Scary’ Before May Halving — Tone Vays

“In his view, Bitcoin had room to halve in value in the period prior to the halving, scheduled for around May 9.

‘It’s scary after the halving; it’s not scary before the halving,’ he summarized about a $2,800 level.

‘In fact, I always anticipated it before the halving — so it’s getting there, even if it’s a few weeks before the halving, I am perfectly fine with it.'”

Hodler Master Asked on March 18, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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I’ve been keeping an eye out, too. If the price remains around where it is today or drops, really no matter what, honestly, I’m buying more.

Master Answered on March 18, 2020.
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