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Bakkt has finally set sail

Bakkt Has Slow Debut But Bitcoin Volume Will Rise Over Time, Here’s Why

“Following months of anticipation Bakkt Bitcoin futures finally got off the ground a few hours ago enabling investors to dabble in both the contract and the actual asset. James Putra, head of product strategy at TradeStation Crypto, told Bloomberg that investors can potentially profit first from the rise in the futures price and then take possession of the physical Bitcoins.

He added that the move to centralize and create a scalable infrastructure for crypto asset investment is a positive step. The sentiment has been shared by many industry observers from Fundstrat’s Tom Lee to crypto warlord John McAfee.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on September 23, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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We interview leading crypto figureheads on whether Bakkt will be a huge boom for Bitcoin or a damp squib

Call me a cynic, but I don’t really give much of a hoot about this Bakkt deal and keep thinking of the old Who song…

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Bakkt isn’t going to make or break Bitcoin, it was created to be against the system and Bakkt is made-up of the owners of the NYSE…

Master Answered on September 23, 2019.
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