RE: $5.2 Million In Fees For 2 “Relatively Small” Ethereum Transfers?!!!?

$5.2ml in fees for two Ethereum transfers! Operators are looking into just why the insanely high fees for these two transfers:

Rich and Reckless? Ethereum Whale Spends $5,200,000 in Two Massive Blunders

Investigations are underway to determine why two transactions moving the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) carried enormous fees. A transaction on Thursday sending 350 ETH worth $86,929.50 processed a fee of $2.6 million fee. It was the second such hefty fee within 24 hours incurred by the same Ethereum whale who also transferred $133.82 in ETH for a fee of $2.6 million on Wednesday. At time of writing, the whale currently holds $6.182 million in Ethereum, according to blockchain data, with an active wallet that has processed multiple transactions within the past hour. The frequent activity suggests that the sender may be a bot.

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Fletch Master Asked on June 12, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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And now there is a third! It seems something shady is afoot!

“A third intriguing transaction has taken place, this time with a 2,310 Ether (ETH) transaction fee valued at over $540,000 at time of press. Occurring less than 24 hours after the first two transactions with over $5.2 million (10,668.73 Ether each) in fees were processed on the Ethereum blockchain, this new transaction has raised the question of whether there is more than one person involved.”

Master Answered on June 12, 2020.
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